Mr. Teddy Liu​
Head - Group Audit & Management Services
One of the Listed Property Development Groups in HK

Teddy is currently overseeing the Group Internal Audit function, responsible for the corporate governance, risk management, and compliance of one of the biggest property development group companies in Hong Kong. On the management services front, he is driving the group’s innovation process with setting the culture as the key, and realizing innovations through a structured innovation process by engaging all key stakeholders within and beyond the group. He is also responsible for planning, promoting and managing the group's corporate strategy, management system, process improvement and business and operational reviews. 


Teddy has been with the property development group for over 30 years with a wide range of experience from various roles undertaken within the group, including but not limited to accounting and finance, company secretarial services, merger & acquisition, corporate reorganization, business and change management, internal audit and risk management, talent development and corporate training.