Mr. Ken Cheung
Co-Founder and Digital Director
KREW Digital

Ken Cheung is the Co-Founder and Digital Director of KREW Digital, which is one of the fastest-growing agencies in Hong Kong. Since 2020, the agency has won 13 Gold Awards in the Agency of the Year category by Marketing Magazine. This achievement was made possible with the help of KREWatch, a big data tool that he also invented. 

Prior to his entrepreneurship, Ken Cheung gained over 10 years of experience in managing different consultancies and 4As agencies such as Accenture Interactive, Dentsu Media, Publicis, and PacificLink. He also acquired solid mass media experience working at Apple Daily and East Week.

With a background in 4As agencies, digital agencies, and mass media, Ken Cheung is able to generate a full range of cross-platform ideas and solutions for brands spanning from FMCG to luxury. He ensures that campaigns are viral enough to attract fans and even generate sales leads.