Mr. Calvin Yip
Regional Senior Ecommerce and Online Experience Manager
New Balance Asia

As a seasoned digital leader with a strong background in eCommerce and digital marketing, Calvin has had the privilege of working with companies known for their exceptional design in their respective industries. His expertise lies in leveraging eCommerce strategies to drive business growth and create remarkable online experiences that align with the design ethos of these renowned brands.

Currently serving as the APAC Senior eCommerce and Experience Manager at New Balance, Calvin has the unique opportunity to oversee multiple regional online stores. In this role, He has successfully implemented digital initiatives that enhance the eCommerce experience for customers and internal stakeholders. Drawing inspiration from New Balance's commitment to design excellence, he has collaborated with cross-functional teams to ensure that the brand's aesthetics and values are reflected in the online shopping journey. From revamping the e-shop to integrating localised payment gateways and leveraging online marketplaces for order fulfillment and inventory management, he has continuously strived to create a seamless and visually compelling digital presence.

Prior to Calvin's role at New Balance, he served as the Asia Digital & eCommerce Manager at Samsonite, a globally recognised leader in luggage and travel accessories. Working closely with the brand's design team, he played a pivotal role in translating their exceptional product designs into captivating eCommerce experiences. By leading the design and development of eCommerce brand sites across Asia, Calvin ensured that the online platforms embodied the brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and style. Through collaborative efforts, monobrand strategy was successfully implemented on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, establishing a cohesive online presence that showcased Samsonite's renowned design expertise.

Before his tenure at Samsonite, he held the Online Marketing position at Lane Crawford, a luxury fashion retailer celebrated for its cutting-edge design and curated collections. During his time there, he witnessed firsthand the impact of exceptional design in the eCommerce space. Working closely with the design and merchandising teams, he played a key role in developing and optimizing Lane Crawford's multi-million revenue online store. By employing digital marketing channels such as SEO, paid search, email marketing, social media, and online partnerships, Calvin ensured that the online shopping experience aligned with Lane Crawford's reputation for artistic curation and trendsetting design. He also held significant eCommerce positions at L'Oréal Travel Retail and Moët Hennessy, where he played instrumental roles in driving digital strategies and online growth.

With his extensive experience in eCommerce, combined with his association with companies renowned for their design excellence, Calvin understands the importance of aligning digital strategies with the design ethos of a brand to create compelling online experiences. He is passionate about sharing his insights and helping aspiring professionals navigate the intersection of eCommerce and design to drive business success.